Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Since I was a little girl I remember collecting fun little treasures on the beach with my family. To this day it's still something I absolutely love. I don't always keep these treasures, but I love hunting for them. Seeing these natural beauties in all their rawness makes me smile a lot.

I got so lucky a couple weekends ago when my husband and I were at the coast with his family...there were lots of treasures to be found!

I love the purity of this white shell against the sand... it seemed as if it was gleaming off the bright afternoon sun.

This little feather was perfectly laying on the sand all by its lonesome. I am not a big seagull fan, but isn't this feather beautiful? I love the lines in it.

A glowing piece of jellyfish. Sort of looks like a baseball mitt doesn't it?

I loved the teal in this shell, it's not often that I find these beautiful blues in seashells!

Can you believe it? I found a huge jellyfish! I was wanting to play with it and step on it until my husband told me that it was flipped upside down. That would have been real bad. :)

One seashell that I am absolutely in love with is the sand-dollar. They were all over the beach that specific day, but this broken and rusted one in particular grabbed my interest.

The sun was bright, the water clear, and the sand clean. It was not a typical day at the central coast!

Spiky seaweed. I just thought this was cool!

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