Friday, April 18, 2008

Words of Wisdom

Can we pleeease not do cheesy jewelry or flowers that will die in two days? How about we do something a little more personal and a little more lasting. It's Mother's Day (in 3 weeks) and to me, it seems like the one holiday that you never quite know what to buy. Instead of wasting money on some little trinket this year, why not buy mom a more personal gift, like this beautiful set of Thai silk journals found at RedEnvelope? There are 12 to be exact and they are exquisite. The cutest part? The set is called a year of journals. I know several people that would love these (I am one of them). I mean, what girl doesn't love a good journal? (Or is it just my girlfriends and I?) The price is a bit steep though (originally $98, now $74). If you like the idea and aren't wanting to spend an arm and a leg for journals, then head to your nearest Borders or Worldmarket where they have unique journals and won't burn a hole through your wallet. You're looking at spending around 10 bucks. Not too shabby.

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Alissa said...

Great ideas for mom! I posted a mother's day shopping guide on my blog too--stay out of the mall this year! Buy handmade!