Friday, April 18, 2008

Flowers in pots

Is mom not a writer? How about a year of seeds instead? This darling little set, also from RedEnvelope, contains seeds for petunias, marigolds, pansies, lobelia, alyssum, zinnias, impatiens, baby’s breath, dianthus, cosmos, poppies and sweet peas plus it includes planting instructions for each seed variety. On top of all that it comes with 12 adorable 3" colorful pots! I don't know many mom's that don't love flowers. This way, mom not only enjoys them for a couple days but depending on how green her thumb is, she can enjoy them for quite a while. There is no better time to give mom something she can nurture, take care of, and watch grow. After all, isn't that what moms do best?

The year of seeds is $75 and right now at RedEnvelope, shipping is free with a $75 purchase. But if you are looking for a cheaper idea, have no fear, check out IKEAs amazingly inexpensive stoneware. These happy little pots will cost you a mere .99 apiece and they are even cuter in person (I have a bright yellow one). :) Going this route, allows you to buy moms favorite flower seeds or even her favorite herbs! This could make it even more personal and fun picking out the seeds. :)

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