Monday, March 10, 2008

Simple Stationary

I find myself wanting to write a lot more letters and send a lot more cards thanks to Mew Paper Arts. I just can't get enough of the originality and sassiness that Alissa brings to each design. After seeing so many invitations with layers and layers of design, it is refreshing to see such brilliance in simplicity. It seems the idea of using characters has been banned from modern design and I am glad to see Alissa bringing it back so beautifully. How fun would it be to give these to your bridal party? Or to the guest-of-honor at a shower? I would be real happy :)


Zann said...

you can send me notes anytime!

Alissa said...

*gasp* It's MEEEE!!! Gosh, I feel like a regular celebrity being featured on your blog! thanks thanks thanks!