Monday, March 10, 2008

Pencil + Watercolors = Brilliance

Alissa, owner of Mew Paper Arts, has some serious talent. She not only designs gorgeous invitations, she creates custom drawings with pencil and watercolor, then laser prints it on to beautiful shimmer paper or an eco-friendly card stock. As if that wasn't enough, the cards are often embellished with a dash of sparkle too! I am sharing the following design first for a couple of reasons; Blue Jeans and Blue Bird. Enough said. I need this stationary NOW.
There is something about hedgehogs that are so cute and cuddly (besides the fact that they are covered in prickly spines.) James and I would kind of like to own one as a pet some day, but if that doesn't work out, I will have to settle with this adorable stationary.

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Alissa said...

Hedgehogs aren't the pet that they're cracked up to me, I had one! Though they're just so cute, they're nocturnal and keep you up at night--and needless to say, are not so good for snuggling!