Friday, February 29, 2008

March, Indie Wedding Month

I got an email this week from Gabreial, over at Vintage Indie. She is so sweet; it has been fun getting to know her and chatting with her! She informed me that Vintage Indie is teaming up with Eco-Chic Weddings to declare March, Indie Weddings Month. Their goal is to create a resource for brides to turn to when looking to minimize waste and create their wedding with the idea of using indie designers. A do it yourself attitude while utilizing those famous three R's: reuse, recycle and reduce. Perfect timing for this green season! Visit the guide starting tomorrow, March 1, at

Today, brides are becoming more and more creative in this area as they want to do their part for the environment. Being eco-friendly does not mean one sacrifices beauty or elegance. Do you have eco-friendly wedding ideas? Centerpieces, bouquets, food, clothing...? If so, post them here, I would love to see them!

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