Friday, February 29, 2008

Have baby, eat pizza

Supposedly Domino's is giving $1,000 in pizza gift certificates to the family who has a baby born today WITH the name Brooklyn (any type spelling will be accepted), in honor of LEAP DAY! In order to win you must produce a birth certificate stating that your child was born the 29th and named Brooklyn and if it has the earliest time of birth for that day you WIN. That's ALL you have to do. Sounds easy to me. Have a baby and pick your child's name to match a Domino's Specialty pizza. All children who meet all the criteria but aren't the earliest, get a pizza party! (Of course Domino's couldn't possibly afford more than one gift of $1,000 in COUPONS for somebody born this Friday named Brooklyn).

Papa John's is also giving away a free, one-topping Papa's Perfect pan pizza to those born on Leap Day. To redeem the offer, the pizza must be ordered online via the Papa John's web site and picked up at their neighborhood Papa John's to verify date of birth.

No babies, and no pizza? How about a trip? That sounds real nice to me.

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HAPPY LEAP DAY! See you again in FOUR years :)

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*aron* said...

haha this was the most random post ever... its cracking me up!