Friday, April 13, 2012

baby shower

 i love parties and i used to have a real passion for planning them. but then i had kids and it all felt too overwhelming to plan parties for a living. feels MUCH more fun to do it as a hobby for people you love. 

a couple weeks ago, my mom, sister & i packed my car full of bird cages & sweet goodies and traveled down to los angeles to throw my cousin a baby shower. it's her first baby and she's having a GIRL! everyone is so excited and us girls had lots of fun planning a shower for this precious one. baby hailey's nursery is gray & yellow with birds, so it was easy to run with that theme. we love gray & yellow. {and birds, obviously}. so this was a FUN shower to plan for the 3 of us.

the shower was in my aunts back yard. too bad it's not really that pretty or anything. 
along with bird cages, we used painted mason jars & old vintage bottles (of my mom's) and filled them with babies breath. i really have a thing for babies breath right now. 

no party is complete without some fun straws from etsy.  

(mini chalkboard clips... i wish i could remember where i got these.)

 in our family, we like to drink. a lot. and by "drink" i'm not referring to the AA kind of drink. i'm referring to the "have 30 options of beverages at all times." 
that explains why we had iced tea, iced water, fancy lemonade (in an old milk crate), an italian soda bar (YES!), and two kinds of coffee. in my opinion, you can never have too many drinks. 

 sweet little (or HUGE) birdy cake, turned out PRECIOUS.

we used an old window from my old farm house as the back drop for the candy table, and hung the sweetest "hailey" banner that we bought here and then gave to mom-to-be.

candy bars are so popular. so over done. and so AWESOME. every party should have some kind of BAR for people to pick treats off of. 

 another old crate of my grandpa's that my mom has saved. genius.

gold lollipops. amazon. awesome. 

 we really wanted to use fun vessels for the candy table. we didn't want the clear vase look, so we gathered up fun jars, old vintage boxes & bird baths from around the house and it really came together exactly how we envisioned. i LOVE it when that happens.

 my mom has this tiny yellow dresser from when she was a little girl. we had the idea to use it on the candy table and honestly, i think it was the cutest part. 

it was SUCH a fun day and mommy-to-be got a TON of nice things. now we're just awaiting the arrival of miss hailey!