Friday, March 02, 2012

lights, camera, ACTION!

i asked my nieces if they'd model some bloomers with wren today, and they agreed, so we had a mini photo shoot. 3 beautiful girls, gorgeous almond trees, & some sassy bloomers.

it was a fun day. the sun was shining but it was still a little chilly out... blossoms were falling off the trees, lincoln was eating dirt clods & wren wanted nothing to do with our modeling (or shooting). awesome, thanks wren. ethan & james directed the photo shoot (and chased lincoln, and wren, and had a few sword fights with branches), while i ran around making sure bloomers were looking just right on each girl. i'm sure from the outside it looked like a photo-op fail. but i think it was pretty fabulous. and after all the running & jumping & laughing, we got donuts. delicious, greasy, glazed donuts.

 we got a total of 3 photos with all 3 girls. not ideal. but at least it's cute.
grace, modeling 'the stella'
 her 'model' pose
 wren with a spring 'mum bouquet' bloomer
 i pretty much punched her after this picture. because she's that freakin' cute.
 little rascal would not stand still. she'd walk as fast as her little legs would take her. 
lana kate. thinking this is perfection for an older flower girl. 
 the boys getting a good sword fight in...
a success! 

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