Wednesday, November 02, 2011

from one season to the next

6 months
how do you catch up after it feels like YEARS have gone by? well, i don't think you can completely. and i really don't think one can ever catch up in this world of mommy-hood so i won't even begin to try. but i will say this. i thought planning parties was fun. or that planning weddings gave me an adrenaline rush. i thought checking-off my to-do list was satisfying. well, i had no clue what was ahead. december 30th of 2010, lincoln & wren were born. the sweetest, most perfect, precious, satisfying, adrenaline-rushing things ever given to me. oh, and the most exhausting.

i haven't been planning parties. or weddings. or showers. i haven't even really been decorating. i've been mommy-ing. and it's the most complicated, beautiful, rich & satisfying job i've ever had. over a year has gone by and i haven't even glanced at this blog. cause it hasn't mattered really. i've cared more about feeding, diapering & playing with my babies than writing on my blog. and let's be honest, i've been more worried about my hot cup of coffee in the morning and wondering if i'll get a shower that day than coming up with some snappy post.

after 10 months though, i'm feeling a little more rested. a little more like MYSELF. and i've started crafting again. and boy does it feel good! i love DOING things! i also love PLANNING things. (duh). but it's different after having kids. planning weddings & parties requires all. your. attention. anyone who's been to a wedding can attest to the detail & planning it takes to pull it off. i don't have the same drive in planning someones party because i know what it takes. it requires too much of me right now. and quite honestly, i don't WANT to do it (for a living, that is). perhaps i'll wear that hat again some day down the road, but for now, it's sitting nicely on my shelf.

because i naturally like to be busy, i have found something else to fill my time (if having twins wasn't enough, huh?). and that's what this post here is all about. transitioning from one thing to the next. rae events was good & fun & satisfying for my creative a-type personality these last few years. but i am even more excited about this next little adventure. because it's creative. fun. pretty. i get to be home with my kids. and it's FOR my kids.

although i never thought i'd be a headband-flower-adorning mom with my daughter, i am. (let us not get confused with the large bows & over-sized silk flowers). and i never knew how much fun it would be to make her precious creations for her sweet little head. but i've had a BLAST. and so i've started selling my creations. they're nothing new really. especially in the pinterest world. but not everyone actually has time to make the things they WANT to make. i'm not in this to make it BIG. i'm having fun & possibly making a few bucks while i'm at it. over the coming weeks, rae events will transition to BLOOMERS SHOPPE, where you can see and/or purchase handmade felt, lace, burlap and other flowers. and of course this blog will always remain a place where i talk about life & things that i like. if you're still interested, i'm happy for you to stick around. :) perhaps there will be more interaction in this coming year than there was in the last! here's a little peak inside bloomers shoppe...

 burlap & lace $6
 poofy bloom $7
 bloomer bands $6
  and my little bloomer-inspiration- wren taylor

and lastly, can i just say there is nothing more fun than crafting, playing with your kids & listening to christmas music? holy cow. i feel so blessed

rachel <3


stefani9999 said...

o: Really beautiful baby :****

MissExquisiteBeauty said...

Your kids are gorgeous and I love your crafts. BTW, my nickname is Ray too I just spell it differently.~MEB:-)

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this is so CUTE :D