Friday, December 04, 2009

eye for an eye

i love christmas decorations so much, i wish i could leave them up year round. that would be weird though, wouldn't it? if you came to my house in june and there was a christmas tree in the living room? a dead christmas tree nonetheless, since my husband and i don't believe in fake ones. so no, i don't think i'll be leaving it up all year, but i sure wish i could.

you know what else i wish? i wish i could see all your pretty christmas decorations. even if i don't know you i want to see them. i want to see christmas through your eyes. will anyone let me? pretty please?

if i show you mine, will you show me yours? eye for an eye, right? (wrong context? well, you get what i mean). can we set a date? any volunteers? i know you have some pretties out there that we all need to see... c'mon... JUST DO IT (oh, wrong context again...)

well, i will post mine if you post yours. give me a date and i'll be there... (i promise i won't stand you up).


Leah King said...


I love reading your blog. And you do have a way of decorating that is beautiful!

<3, Leah

Anonymous said...

If I get my decorations up finally, I'll send you some pics.
(It's been a slow start to December for me around here)
I LOVE the idea of seeing other people's Christmas ideas, though! :)

Jamie said...

I put a collage up of some of my christmas decorations. I would love to see yours too! I know mine don't even compare to yours. i loved yours last year!

kelly p. said...

love to! we're finally decorating tonight, which is far too late for us, but our schedule has been unusually full. I'll be sure to post whenever we're finished. Let's see yours!

rachel said...

ok girls, i am getting my pics together to share! can't wait to see yours! ;)

Jamie said...

isn't that snow just so cute! here is the link to get it-

can't wait to see your christmas decorations!

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Wow! This is way cool!