Thursday, June 25, 2009


i'd say it's been a while, huh? sorry about that... guess there is not much to say here on my end. however, i thought i'd give a formal good-bye for the summer...and perhaps longer? we are headed to hawaii for 3 whole weeks and we could not be any more excited!! i guess we will eventually make it back to reality when the time comes, but as of now we are in full vacation mode and i don't see myself coming out of it for a while.

i have some fun pictures from a wedding and from a beautifully sparkly-girlie party my sister and i threw last weekend. perhaps when i am out of vacation mode i will be a bit more interested in my blog? hmm... i don't know. we'll have to see about that. until then, i wish you all a happy memory-filled summer. (that is, if any of you are still poking around here to read this.) :)

for now, i leave you with...... ALOHA

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starbubbs said...

I will miss you sunshine! But I hope you have a GREAT time. Please give Joel & Jenna our love. Drink lots of those lava flow drinks (or whatever they are called) and say hi to a sea turtle for me. Love ya and miss ya already!