Wednesday, April 29, 2009

treasures: before & after

i obtained this cute, yet weathered little table from my grandparents a few months ago. i have been looking for a bird cage stand for months now and never could find what i was looking for. when my sister and i saw this table at my grandparents, she said, "why don't you use that as your bird cage stand!?" she's so smart.

although i liked the table a lot, it needed a little tlc. my husband secured the top as it was a bit wobbly, and i gave it a little make over with some white paint.

since we've had our cute little birds, they've sat atop these black benches.

say good bye to the benches, and hello to the new bird cage stand

please don't mind all the bird food everywhere. they like to throw it out of their cage. and i'm sorry but i wasn't going to vacuum it up just for this pic. i'm too lazy for that.


Jessica said...

Love the table. It's great to have family treasures like that in your space. I like them because they "mean something" you know?

kirwin said...

So cute! What kind of birds are they? I can't tell from the picture. Growing up, we had parakeets -- loved them!

Jamie said...

Your bird stand is so sweet! Love it!

rae events said...

kirwin--the birds are zebra finches, native to australia! they are precious!! we love them. :)