Wednesday, April 15, 2009

our easter

contained a little bit of this...

a lot of this...

(check out the pink boots!!)

i have 2 favorite progressions of the kiddos while hunting eggs...first is grace. check this out:

what you can't tell is she literally walked like this for at least a minute. i think she was trying to scare the egg or something. maybe she was trying to sneak up on it??

a little more sneaking...

proudly turns to show everyone that she conquered the egg!!

and she bounces away with her pony-tail flying in the wind....amazing.

here is my next favorite set...this time with ethan.

so i tried to hide an egg high up in a tree cause i knew ethan would love that. i honestly thought he would ask his dad to help him. but boy was i wrong, this boy is a problem-solver! ethan didn't even think twice before grabbing a stick and going after that egg...

look how perfect that stick is!


do you like our hobbit hut?

here's lana making her famous face of the day...she's only 9 months, but she wanted to hunt those eggs. i could feel it.

gracie 2 1/2 years sassy as she is cute.

some of this...

even grandma enjoyed it :)

A LOT of this (eating that is...)

the kids enjoyed lots of this...

it was a beautiful day!

don't you love our wind-beaten blossoms? boy that wind was ROUGH! but who cares, this day was all about family, the kids, and yummy food. just bein' honest here folks! i'm not sure how many times these vases flew over... i stopped counting after 1/2 the table cloth was drenched in water. lol

lana was content with her one EMPTY easter egg. :)

some of us did this...

and we all did this...

thank you jesus for dying for us. thank you for giving us life and love and family. you are the best gift ever.

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Jamie said...

You're family is precious and so cute! You really made Easter a celebration and you guys live in such a wonderful place! The kids are too cute, Ethan is a little version of Josh.