Tuesday, March 24, 2009

treasures: wine cooler

we didn't register for a wine cooler when we got married. we weren't big into wine then. shame on us.

so i was real happy when i got this piece a few months ago...hand-crafted by my grandpa's sister. so, now we too have a wine cooler. and it's got a lot more heritage than this one.

ps. i also love how it matches our new tureen.


themom said...

I'm almost sure it was made by your Grandma's sister, not grandpa's sister. Aunt Dorothy was the one who made ceramics. She also made the nativity sets. Just thought you'd want to know for authenticity sake :0)

rae events said...

oh mom, i am so glad you corrected me! for some reason i thought it was aunt margie who did the ceramics. i will never get it confused again. :)