Tuesday, March 31, 2009

flowers 101: easter arrangement

i definitely do not win the award for best tutorials. i want you to know though, that i do have the best intentions in doing the tutorials...it just never works out so well.

this week we designed a long-and-low (horizontal) table arrangement for easter since we don't have class next monday. that means i have to try and keep this puppy alive for 2 weeks. eeek.

step 1: start with an empty bowl/vase

step 2: i forgot to snap a pic of the oasis without the greenery. so here is a pic after some stragglers got in there. this week we used multiple greenery's. i used leather and salal (lemon-leaf).

step 3: we were told to use A LOT of greenery this time. unlike other weeks, this week the greenery was our friend. :) however, you still don't want it too long...it can never be longer than your flowers.

step 4: insert filler. see those little white berry looking things? i really like them. unfortunately my flower instructor couldn't remember the name of it. :)

step 5: insert 3 carnations to create the line in the arrangement.

step 6: insert 2 more carnations to create the horizontal "long-and-low" look we are going for.

i missed pics on the next couple steps... oops.

step 7: sorry. insert the purple pom-pom daisies sporadically around the arrangement to give it the rounded feel. we weren't looking for a spiky arrangement.

tep 8: insert filler flower. i used a lovely filler called lavender wax flower. (it's those tiny little pink flowers)

step 9: begin inserting tulips for color and line

step 10: 3 tulips total are entered

step 11: insert 2 roses for additional color and line in the arrangement.

step 12: insert the focal flower of the arrangement. we used 3 yelloween oriental lilies for this arrangement. fortunately for me, the lilies haven't even started to open so hopefully they will be perfect for easter!

step 13: insert bear grass for a whimsy, ethereal feel.

step 14: i came home and decided to insert some curly willow into mine. why the heck not. :)

so what will you be putting on your easter table? fresh flowers? egg cups? branches? birds? please share! give us all some inspiration!

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themom said...

love it! keep it in your fridge so I get to see it on Easter! yay! ahahahahaha