Friday, February 27, 2009

treasures: mini bowls

more precious jewels from my grandparents. :)

i saw these little bowls at my grandmas a couple months ago and fell in love with them. i like 'em a lot because it's one of those styles that was popular when my grandma got married and is now popular again. i saw bowls really similar to this at crate & barrel (or somewhere else, can't remember) in the last year or so and loved them. well now i have some of my own, but with more meaning and heritage.

the other reason i like these? my husband and i have a serious problem with collecting sauce bowls, or as we like to call them, dipping bowls. we have an addiction to sauces of all sorts, so these added nicely to our collection. (right now the bowl is filled with a yummy snack from winco. :)

i really love how the bowls almost look like they were made from flower petals.


dwellings and decor said...

Your grandma has excellent taste! These are lovely!

LotusHaus said...

Hi! These are lovely bowls! I collect these too =) What I have found out is that they were made popular in the 1950's and were originally made in Japan. They are meant to resemble the Lotus and were used as dessert or rice bowls. They came in Easter-ish pastel colors and you can still find them on eBay with MADE IN JAPAN stamped on the bottom in red. Now you can find white colored ones and various other versions out there but they are shaped a little different... yours looks like the 50s versions that I have, so enjoy!!!