Thursday, January 15, 2009

more nuts

as promised, i am posting the winner-of-all-holiday-snacks-in-2008 (well, at least in our home). i found the recipe from one of my favorite foodie blogs cafe johnsonia... orange spiced nuts is what it's called. the recipe is pretty easy and produces a great reward. your house will smell amazing and your husband will love you. this is definitely the way to go. cafe johnsonia provides a great step-by-step process with lots of pics (that i found very helpful!)

for the first round we used unsalted and unroasted nuts. i accidentally skipped the step on roasting the nuts so the recipe did not turn out so well. for the second round we bought the tub of mixed (& salted) nuts at costco. they turned out perfect! crunchy, salty, sweet, delicious! the hubby is even requesting that i make another batch soon. :)

(honey-glazed nuts and orange spiced nuts)

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Sara Parr said...

Mmmmm, these look delish! I will definitely try, thanks!