Thursday, January 22, 2009

i love trees

3/4 of our wedding was made up of trees from here. (2 years later and it's our back yard). although i love flowers, i wanted few of them at our wedding. instead, i wanted trees, trees, and more trees. trees in the entry way, trees in the aisle; trees in the front of the church, trees in the back of the church; trees in the front of the reception, trees in the back of the reception. branchy trees, evergreen trees, flocked trees, trees with blossoms. trees on the tables (well, branches), trees in our bouquets (again, branches) and trees on the cake (um, branches). you get the idea.

i will say that not only are trees a beautiful element in weddings and other events, they are quite cost effective too (especially when they are in your own back yard!). flowers are beautiful, but flowers are expensive. i spent practically zero dollars on the decor of our wedding (besides vases, flock, & snow) because the trees were free. now that is my kind of price tag and my kind of style.

if you are planning a wedding this year and don't want 1/2 of your budget going towards flowers, think of something different. something natural that others might be getting rid of (or do not care to keep). one of the central trees at the entrance of our reception was found laying on someone's front lawn. it had blown over in a big storm and my mom saw it as she was driving by. she pulled over and asked what they were doing with the dead tree and if she could have it for her daughter's wedding. they were quite puzzled but thrilled seeing as they didn't have to get rid of this massive tree. both parties were happy. they didn't have a huge tree in their frown lawn, and i had a massive tree for the entrance to our reception. don't be afraid to ask for things. the worst that can happen is someone says no.

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