Wednesday, January 07, 2009

easy treat

i made the tastiest (and easiest) treat last night! it's really not that novel of an idea, but it's delicious nonetheless so i thought i would share it with you. as i was trying to think of an easy dessert i could have, i walked to the freezer and thought of the ice cream sandwiches in there. you know, the ice cream sandwiches you had when you were in 3rd grade that got all over your fingers the longer you held them? well, i still love them even though i am not in the 3rd grade, so i grabbed one. then i had the idea to add peppermint sprinkles to the rim of the ice cream sandwich. i added the sprinkles, took a bite and could not believe how delicious it was! i then started to think how it would make for a great and easy dessert around the holidays. how cute to serve a platter of these festive ice cream sandwiches to guests at a formal christmas party?! i love things that are not quite appropos for a party.

ice cream sandwich before dipped in peppermint goodness.

voila! so easy and so delicious!

all i did was pour a pile of peppermint sprinkles on a plate and dip the ice cream sandwich into the sprinkles until the ice cream was fully covered. (i even re-dipped the sandwich after i took a bite!) i used peppermint sprinkles from the grocery store made by Kencraft. they really are the perfect consistency for peppermint sprinkles, but you could always just crush up some candy canes. this dessert is so good i even had it again tonight! :)


Anonymous said...

Yum! We are putting this on the list for next Christmas. Cute idea!

Zann said...

You're the CUTEST thing ever. I can totally see you just munching away on that thing. SO FUN!!!