Friday, December 19, 2008

the living room

you might recognize this tree...i did the same thing with it last year, but instead used it in my dining room. i just love this tree with the silver ornaments so i used it again this year. :)

can you guess who's stocking is the ice skate? hmmm...i wonder. :)

my mom gave me this nativity set last year (mine & james' first christmas married). i believe my mom's aunt (or grandma) made her this nativity years ago. isn't it beautiful?

my little pottery barn reindeer that i got last year. he really needs a brother. :)

this is one of my favorite christmas decorations. it's more like an heirloom. the tree is made up of all my grandma's sparkly, gawdy jewelry. it was my favorite thing as a little girl and i got it after she passed away on her very favorite day of the year 11 years ago...december 25th.

ok, so this really isn't a christmas decoration. it will stay in my living room all year, but i just had to show it cause i love him. i just got this little glass bird from my other grandma a couple weeks ago...i think she has had him for at least 30 years.

i have been showing all the "fake" birds around the house and it just wouldn't be right if i didn't show a picture of our favorite birds. the real birds of the house, atticus, finch, and pete. they really love christmas time too and especially love sitting next to the christmas tree all day. :)

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*aron* said...

your house looks amazing!! i love everything :)