Monday, September 22, 2008

And, I didn't even get a sucker.

I had to get a tetanus shot today. :( Why, you ask? You wouldn't believe me if I told you. Honestly you wouldn't, but I will tell you anyway. As I was setting up for a glorious outdoor shower this past weekend, I jumped back (while I was in a flower bed) in order to steer clear of a viscious man-eating wasp. Well, as my feet landed on the ground, I felt an excruciating pain in my left foot. No, I wasn't bare foot if you are wondering. I was wearing at least 1/2 inch thick soled shoes. Anyway-back to the climax-I yelped in pain because it hurt so bad! My husband and friend looked at me like, "what the heck is your problem?" That is approximately when I took my shoe off to find a 3 inch stick puncturing through the middle of my shoe into my foot. YES. You heard me right. Somehow, a freaking piece of bark pierced its was through my 1/2 -3/4 inch soled shoes directly into the middle of my poor-little-supple-foot. It was as bad as you imagine it to be. Just thinking about how bad it hurt after I took my shoe off makes my foot hurt even more now!

I woke up Sunday morning with a foot 3 sizes bigger. No joke. It was so swollen I could not fit into a pair of my shoes AND I could barely hobble to the bathroom. It was pathetic. My mom and hubby took good care of me yesterday and made sure that I soaked the Quasimodo foot in Epsom salt all day, (which according to the doctor helped extremely much with the infection). BUT, just because I soaked my foot in Epsom salt all day does not help with the fact that I hadn't gotten a tetanus shot in over 12 years. And seriously, a piece of BARK? OMG.

After my sister told me that I might die if I didn't get the shot within 72 hours, you better believe we were making an appointment with the doctor (even though we have NO insurance!). Well, I am glad to say that I still have my foot (I woke up this morning and asked James if they were going to amputate), the infection is already starting to go away, and it's gone down at least a size. However, I still look like an idiot when I walk, my mom calls me peg-leg, and now I have round band-aid on my arm from that mean needle. And, I didn't even get a sucker.


*aron* said...

oh my gosh rachel!!! you didnt tell me this :( that is NOT fun at all! hope your foot is feeling better!

Rochelle said...

OH RACHEL! That's Terrible! My wedding bands still don't fit my finger after almost 2 months of being stung by a wasp! Hopefully it won't take that long for your shoe to fit! LOL!! :)...A STICK!?!?

Zann said...

You crack me up!!! I can TOTALLY hear you telling that story in my head. I'm glad it feels better now and I'm glad you went to Premier too!!

rachel trigueiro said...

Rochelle--I cannot believe your finger is still THAT swollen after 2 months that you can't wear your wedding ring! I think maybe you are allergic to wasps. :) So fun to hear from you. You better start soaking that finger in ice water or something. :) hehe

ali Whitsell said...

Hey, its been a long time... Tried googling your name and found you blog... I miss you dear old friend! I wish i was more a part of your life. You wedding was so perfect and breath taking... WOW... How are you? My email is
I stepped on a screw (attached to a board) It went through my flip flop and my son actually had to unscrew it while i tried not to freak... Yeah i got a fun shot too and no sucker... poop!
Love you
ALi Whitsell (hintergardt)