Friday, August 15, 2008


Isn't registering seriously one of the greatest things ever? My husband and I had waaay too much fun with this wedded tradition. Have you ever heard the story? No? Well, pull up a seat, grab a drink and let me tell you.

Months before our wedding, we drove to the local bed bath and beyond as it was the first store on our "to-register" list. We were register-virgins at the time. If I recall, we got to the store around 4pm or so and started registering at approximately 4:30pm. We started in the huge front section of the store. *Side-note: I'm not positive, but I would think most BBB's are set up similarly with the first section of the store containing all the little random kitchen thingy's, like canisters, utensils, paper towel holders, ice cream scooper's, egg timers, you get the picture.* Back to the story- Husband and I started in the front "kitchen-heaven" section and we were clicking away. The problem was, we were not clicking fast enough. We discussed every single item that were to appear on our registry as if each of them were a matter of life and death. You might be thinking that is okay since we were going to marry and share these items until the end of time. Well, I would agree with you and that is why it was the way it was. BUT, you haven't heard the rest of the story. Husband and I continued on snaking through those tiny aisles in the same section. Hours later, we finished the first section of the store and eventually found ourselves two sections further in the "dishes," where we were completely wiped out. To make the story even better, it was past closing time and we had not even made it half way around the store! At this point, we were on a first name basis with the BBB employees (who loved us after our wedding), and we realized that this glorious "registering" thing was going to take much more than a penciled-in Saturday afternoon.

We eventually finished registering at BBB along with 2 other stores, and the rest is history. Our home is now filled with lovelies and we look back and giggle at those moments of comparing this spoon to that spoon or these tongs to those tongs. (Yes, we pondered every single item on that registry, even if it was 12 pages long).

A year and a half later we are quite happy with our still-new appliances, utensils, and collection of kitchen bowls. However, I have happened upon something that has brought all those feelings back again. Those feelings of wanting to register. Again. and Badly. Meet her...

One of my BFFs is getting married soon. She and her fiance have had the lovely joy of registering over the last couple months. She and I were chatting about the joys and lengthiness of the registering process one night, (while the boys played wii of course :), and we pulled up their BBB registry. That is the point where I think I may have gone into convulsions. Since when does BBB carry Le Creuset?! Cause they sure didn't carry it when we registered! Believe me, that would have been another two hours of our time in the store. So when did they start carrying it? Does anyone know? To perplex you even more, this gorgeous 5 3/4 Quart covered dish is a wopping $89.99! (I know you are calculating the price with that 20% off coupon right now!) I am just flat out shocked! I told BFF that I may just have to buy one for her and me at the same time. :)

Did everyone know that BBB carried Le Creuset except for me??


Zann Starbuck said...

I had no idea and I'm sad that they didn't carry it when we registered...oh um, 5 years ago!! And $89.99 is an amazing price!!! 20% off coupon, I'll be looking for you the mail.

I love your story about registering. Scotty just loved holding the gun!

*aron* said...

they did not carry that when i registered!

um yah, our registry story. chris took the clicker around and clicked the MOST RANDOM things he could find (string, straws, a glass turkey, etc) so i had to go online and delete stuff off... i kept finding random things everytime i would go through the registry. haha typical chris :)

kelly said...

They didn't carry it when I registered either and now I think I'm a little teensy bit mad about it!

And I don't know about you, but every single time I look at I wish I could get married all over again for the kitchen supplies alone!