Wednesday, July 16, 2008

...Another Birthday

I have to apologize for the lack of creative/design related posts on this poor little blog, it's just that summertime is always so crazy busy for our little clan. Every person in my family, except for myself and one niece and nephew, celebrates their birthday between June & August. Craziness! Because of that, it seems as though the only posts I am doing these days are birthday related. So, cheers to another personal birthday post! :)

If you see this pretty lady today, tell her happy day!

Happy Birthday Mom. YOU ROCK!!!

Yummy birthday celebration dinner last night at Tahoe Joe's. And of course birthday breakfast is required today. :)


*aron* said...

happy birthday mom!!! yay! i LOVE tahoe joes - yummmmmm.

Ashlee Wisdom said...

Wow!!! I am loving the dark hair...I knew you went dark but it looks even darker here!!! How went darker and I went lighter!!! :) Happy Birthday to Kathleen!!!

Alissa said...

for real, I thought that was your sister ,before I read that it was your momma! Such cuties--and you are ROCKIN' the brunette look!