Monday, June 23, 2008

Sophisticated Baby Mama

So, this doesn't look much like a baby shower, but isn't a baby shower really more for the MOM not the BABY? That's what I thought. And that's what we had in mind when we threw this shower; without lots of baby trinkets, pastels, or fruity-foamy punch. Just a nice little shower for a sweet mom-to-be.

Delicious herbs for all the guests

Strawberry Lemonade...who likes that foamy stuff anyway?

A beautiful and happy mom-to-be with her sister and niece


*aron* said...

yayyyyyyyy so pretty!!! wish i could have been there. LOVE all the details, it turned out AMAZING! great job as usual :)

Anonymous said...

Rachel Trigueiro is an amazing designer/event planner. The day couldn't have been more perfect! Fabulous! Loved it!

aron said...

how did you do those cupcakes? checking out your site for ideas now too :)