Friday, June 13, 2008

O China & Alaska,

Wherefore art thou China & Alaska? I don't mean to complain. Honest. Because tonight as I was viewing my ClustrMap of visitors, I started to think, "WOW. Has someone from Africa really looked at my blog? Have multiple people in Europe really checked out this silly little blog? Has someone from Greece really left me a comment? You mean, there are people out there who really read this thing?!" That is exciting. And fun to think about. On the other hand... I hate to admit my disappointment, but where is the love China?! For goodness sakes, I was engaged in your country, on your big huge wall. You could at least show a wee-bit of love, right? And Alaska. Well, there is not much to say. Although we've never met, I LOVE YOU ALASKA and I am sure there are some Eskimos up there who love me too.

For now, I will day-dream of your beauty via pictures from my MIL & FIL's recent trip to your homeland. But will you promise to give me a visit soon? Pretty please?

China, we have always loved each other. Let's not hold back now.

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*aron* said...

wow those are some awesome pics! my dad was born in alaska :)