Monday, June 02, 2008

Need Help.

I am not sure if I have ever written a post without pictures, so tonight may be a first for me. But there is a good excuse. I need your advice. Yes YOU. I want some opinions from the people. I am sending a thank you card to the lovely restaurant featured in the previous post {Now we're on to fish} and I would like to know what 3 pictures from that post YOU think I should send with the card. Obviously I want to pick pictures that display the restaurant well and show what a great and versatile banquet room they have. Will you help me? Even if you are not a typical commenting-type of blog reader? Will you start? Pretty please?

It will be sooo easy and will take about 5 seconds of your time. If you are kind enough to do so, look over the pics in the previous post and let me know what ones you think are best by leaving me a comment numbering them 1-3. Thank you sooo much for helping me out. :)


Crystal Sauceda-Dodson said...

My top 3 are--
1. Photo #9
2. Photo #14
3. Photo #12

Hope that helps :)

Luke Mundy said...

I'm gonna say--
#12 looks like it's from a magazine

I'm also gonna say that I'm glad you added me to your blogroll!

And lastly I'm gonna say that we should double date in V-town sometime. Is Cafe 225 still around?

*aron* said...

1. #12
2. #9
3. #14

i looooove them all really :)

Zann said...

#12 for sure

Hmm...looking at the other comments...I think we pretty much all agree!

kelly pensiero said...

In no particular order:

For sure. Looks amazing! I wish I were getting married to gene again so I could have you throw me a shower!

Kat said...

I have to agree with the others. My favs are 9,12 & 14. But I like 13 too.

rachel trigueiro, designer said...

You guys are AWESOME! I am sure glad I asked for help on this one. You rock.

Kori Friesen said...

Well all are great but /i would use 5 as the front of the thankyou - text ontop of pic, love pic 9 and 12. 14 is awesome even though it doesn't show the room. You did an amazing job! Watch out wendy belissimo!

rachel trigueiro, designer said...

Love that idea for the thank you card! Thanks Kori. Thank you everyone for all your help. You were all on the same page and I followed your directions :) Thanks again!

erin said...

I know you said three... but those are all so GOOD!! :)
of 14,13,12,
14 stands out...
9 and 6 show versatility in the room
if I HAD to pick three...
man thats a mess! :)

Jay said...

Okay, I am the last one to pick a picture unless it is of me. I love now reading a comment from Luke as well as Gene. I have to come by more often. Love what you do, as if I have a clue. Hey, that rhymes. Maybe I do have talent.