Monday, May 05, 2008

Salt. Limes. Delicious.

Oh I wish I could say I would be sipping one of these tonight...or even right now for that matter. But no can do. What am I doing? Oh, that's right. I am writing a paper. And then another paper. And then two short essays. And then a weekly summary. What an exciting Cinco de Mayo. Last year we were having a Fiesta at our house with pinatas, giant size candy bars, and of course, delicious Mexican food with lots of fun friends. This year husband is at EMT class, while I am home at my never-ending "couch" class. (We are finally out of stats, on to Computer Processing). Someone please have a Salty-Limey-Delicious margarita for me. :) Happy Cinco de Mayo.


erin said...

That piƱata was out of control... and that was such so fun... I'll drink to your "couch" class for you! :)
Have fun writing your paper... :(

erin said...

I was actually thinking about your fun party last week... we need to do that more often! :) we'll make it a cinco de Junio... and just delay it a month or so!

rachel trigueiro, event designer said...

Thanks for drinking to the "couch" class! Hope the margarita was delicious :)