Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My choice inspiration.

Nature. There is nothing that compares to the beauty and splendor in Gods creation besides God himself. I am continually awed at his glorious creation, and yet it can be so easy to live everyday without noticing the beauty that surrounds us. I have purposed it in my heart to to see this beauty in the every day of my life. Some people may not notice the little birds outside who visit our birdhouse, but to me I find inspiration and passion from those small little beings who are so thankful for the seed we have provided.

I was again awe-struck by the incredible scenery when James and I went out to his parents ranch several weeks ago. Although it is only 3o minutes away from here, it feels like we are hours away from the busy life of "home" while we are there. The serenity and stillness is indescribable. And I am certain that I could possibly hear God speak when i am there. I am thankful for these incredible sanctuary's that describe God so perfect. So peaceful. So majestic. So loving. So beautiful.

This past weekend was busy and fun with a beautiful baby shower and this upcoming weekend should prove to be quite similar with a fun wedding shower. I hope to post pictures of both soon, but I anticipate being just as busy this week as I was last. So for now, I bring you some of the images from my in-laws ranch that stir my heart and mind with inspiration, love and a desire of searching out beauty.

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