Thursday, April 24, 2008

How do you wrap?

Do you care as much about the outside as what's on the inside? I am a bit reluctant to say that I typically care as much about the outside as I do about the gift on the inside. :) Perhaps this is due to my small obsession with setting the tone and creating delightful first impressions? Maybe it is my creative instinct? Or maybe it is just my plain 'ol self who likes to smile at the silliest of things. Either way, it's fun to present extra special presents; especially when they are for extra special people. {Like your nephew} :)

Our {favorite} nephew turned 5 years old back in February. 5 seems like a big birthday doesn't it? So we wanted to make it extra special for him.

First thought: buy him 5 presents.
Second thought: Wrap it in 5 boxes.
Third thought:
For present 1, buy him 1 item. For present 2, buy him 2 items. For present 3, buy him 3 items. For present 4, buy him 4 items. For present 5, buy him 5 items. See the pattern? ;-)
Fourth thought:
Buy wooden numbers and paint each of them in a different color to go on top of the coordinating gift.

Ethan had fun with his silly little set of gifts... I think his favorite was #5 {5 McDonald's bucks} :)

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*aron* said...

SOOOO CUTE!!! i also LOVE wrapping :) its so much fun!