Monday, March 24, 2008

Lack of Color...

I am sitting here in complete denial that I have a paper due in 6 hours and counting and I have hardly started it. It is beautiful outside while I am stuck inside with the miserable task of researching and evaluating a tested marketing hypothesis. Some days I think, "Why have I done this to myself?" Then I remind myself that I have wanted a college degree for most of my life and in less than 1.5 years I will be checking this line item off of the TO-DO list! The thought of accomplishing this dream so soon does makes me smile; however, days like today, when it is beautiful outside and all I can think of is bright, cheerful colors, while staring at my naked white walls, irritates the life out of me.

So... I bring to you a story board, inspired out of complete frustration, partial denial, and a love for all things bright, cheerful, and happy. (I may not love the temperatures here in v-town throughout spring and summer, but I do love what it brings about...color, flowers, birds, bbq's & yummy drinks = LIFE)

Clockwise from top:
Bedding - Potterybarn
Flower print - Etsy
Tulip bouquet - Avenue Florist
Bird coasters - Etsy
Vase - Ikea
Leafy green felt rug - MocoLoco
Mojito - Best Room in the House
Shag chair – D&D Building via Point Click Home


erin said...

oh my gosh that green rug is out of control! I love it! I want it for Josephine's room!

*aron* said...

ohhh i SOO know how you are feeling... between school and then studying for the CPA test, and for the past 3 years being stuck inside for every minute of daylight from feb through 4/15... i SO know what you are going through and its NO fun... BUT it is soooo worth it when its over! and then you enjoy and appreciate things so much more after... i know i do!

Alissa said...

Beautiful distractions! Good girl for pluggin' away at your goals!

If you need any MORE distraction I am going to be putting out an "official" call to action tonight on my blog--I desperately need help with my wedding decor because the caterers of the venue just told me that they are MOVING my wedding!!! This, two weeks before the event!!! So now, I need to start from scratch with the decor...

so give it some thought while you're whiling away the hours putting off your homework!

The Budz Family said...

Rachel . . . lets go have a soda, and a talk. Heh heh . . . mainly so I can tell you what a great site this is! Fun, I am adding you to my blog lists. Keep up the writing . . . and dreaming, you are very creative!

The Budz Family said...

Ok Rachel, I have come back here a couple more times, you have a gift. I can't stop thinking about how great you see things and how they go together. You should be the next HGTV design star, seriously. You are my Candice Olsen, my David Bromstad . . . they are people completely gifted in seeing design and color, and making things beautiful. So do you. Don't stop, you are amazing.