Friday, January 04, 2008

A little holiday fun...

It was a *Christmas* progressive dinner with drinks and appetizers starting at our house. Only problem is we forgot to take pictures of the appetizers, ha! So all you get to see is the drinks and some decorations. (The food was so tasty too!)

Fun cranberry filled ice-cubes

One of my favorites

Look closely in the back left-hand will see the delicious holiday punch fountain flowing that we forgot to take pictures of :-)
Mantle ambiance
Creativity with candle holders ~ try turning your wine and margarita glasses upside down.
Similar to Wendy Kromer's song birds, these are individually handcrafted from gum paste.
Coffee table piece

Bathroom ambiance

Yummy Christmas cookies
Cranberry filled vases lined the sidewalk


Charis said...

You are so talented!!

James' Mom said...

Your love of life and gifts from God spreads happiness to every heart you touch. Mom

Janulka said...

I love your design, especially the idea of cranberries in the ice cubes! This looks fantastic in the wide open bowl... great!