Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Moss, Mushrooms, Mimosas

The weather tried to rain on our parade at Julia's wedding shower but somehow we were able to squeeze into Jack & Debbie's beautiful home. Brunch began with Mimosas and ended with Cheesecake, two of the brides favorite things! PS-thanks to my lovely sister for helping me with the beautiful flowers. :-)

Oh I love this mossy butterfly and especially these dehydrated mushrooms
My favorite mossy chandelier
These little tea-cake sandwiches were from a deli in Hanford...they were scrumptious!
Entry table... trifle bowl for recipe cards, pics of the bride & groom, and the sweet wheat birdy
I love this little guy
Bells of Ireland, Amaranthus, Spiders, and Buttons work very well together :-)
Buttons & banana leaves
Little treat for the gift tableWe love bear grass
Delicious chocolate fountain


Charis said...

you must have an excellent flower helper

Carol said...

Just beautiful, Rachel. You of course learned much of what you know from your equally talented mother (who of course learned everything SHE knows from her amazingly talented oldest sister!) The pics were lovely, and I do wish the best on this venture. The world needs well planned events with lots of class, and if anyone can do it, you can. Go for it! Love, Auntie Carol